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Frequently Asked Questions

What size unit do I need?

An experienced installer can give you a very accurate estimate by viewing your home or plans. Some special cases may require a heat load calculation where a computer program analyses certain factors and calculates how much capacity is required. As a general rule, a house without any insulation requires about 140w/sq meter and a fully insulated house needs about 80w/sq meter. For example an average 200sq meter (22sq) fully insulated home would require about 16,000w -16kw.

What is the difference between horse power (HP) and kilowatts (Kw)?

Horse power is an old terminology used to describe and air conditioner's capacity. It is the capacity or power of the motor in the compressor. It does not take into account any other component in the system. Kilowatts is a modern term describing the actual cooling capacity of the entire system. All modern air conditioners should be rated in net Kw.

What is the difference between net and nominal capacity?

Nominal capacity is a calculated capacity that a unit could provide in ideal conditions without any losses. Net capacity is the actual capacity physically tested in real world conditions. Net capacities should be rated in accordance to the Australian Standards 3823.1.2. Nominal capacity is usually much higher and is not of much use to anyone. Some manufacturers will attempt to over-rate their units by specifying nominal rather than net capacity. Astro Group only uses air conditioners from quality manufacturers that rate their units to the appropriate standards.

What is zoning?

Zoning is where air flow to certain areas or rooms of the home are turned off or on. This is very efficient not only because energy id not wasted in areas not being used, but also because the entire system capacity is going into areas that are being used. For example if you had a 16kw system with the bedrooms turned off, the whole of the 16kw would be used to cool the living areas of the house. Therefore the unit doesn't have to work as hard to achieve the desired results. Most installs have 2 or 3 zones.


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